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Joining Hearts (Binary Collision) by Galia & Kitty

Gamma Rei by Omocha-san (Gift by Sir Frog)

Gamma Rei by Singing-Kiwi / Team Gamma - Art by Gupi Puqui




Jul 28, 2014
1:22 am
Jul 27, 2014
10:33 pm
Jul 26, 2014
8:41 pm
Jul 26, 2014
12:35 pm
Jul 26, 2014
12:15 pm

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I Support My Sihi! by Sir-FrogI support ChobitsMng by sailor-aqua353PC: Stamp of Sailor Aquila - part 2 by NightofGoddessSailor Moon Stamp by Cosmic-AngellSupport StefBani Stamp by MeinonaI love Toto-chan by LunixinaSailor Lunar Angel Stamp by Sir-FrogTsuzustamp by Sir-FrogSailor Aquas Stamp by Sir-FrogI Support LotusLumino by Marushi-DraculAngelOfBeauty support stamp by sihi-chanSunPhoenix support stamp by sihi-chanSupport Pyper! by Sir-FrogAyachi-Chan Rocks by Sir-FrogGammaRei by Sir-FrogI support Sailor Serenity by Yettyen :iconsenshi-of-the-world:Madwon-stamp by sihi-chan:thumb320884575:

Team Gamma by Drachea Rannak

SumerTime Sailor by Himebuns / Angles of Summer - PhiMouse

Sleep Over !! by Tasuu-chan

Banner by MaiYuna


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mishihime Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist your art? :o
Madwon Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Well.....  Since your one of the only ones to ask directly like this,  I will explain.
3 years ago,  I had planned on taking beginner classes (digital graphic art).   I have no artistic ability/capacity/talent whatsoever, however, I was hoping that taking a class and being with others who did would help me develop something and put me on some direction in learning how to use PS and Sai.   I have always loved animation, anime, comics, cgi/videogames.   It's tough to be someone who really enjoys these things but have no capacity to create it.   So,  I set out on a little project back in 2011 after hearing that Sailor Moon was going to get a reboot (which took all the way till 2014 :XD: ).
Sailor Moon certainly wasn't my favorite anime of course (couldn't stomach the American Dub blaahhh so Subtitles only).   I like it for what it was,  but what attracted me toward it was the large community fandom that was on Deviant Art.    That's when I met Drachea Rannak (not in person).   Who was doing amazing work at the time, so much so that I thought he was a professional from the show.  :XD:
Hell, he's we even better than the show's artists.   (Inflates ego)
At that time,  he was running the famous Zodiac Senshi contest with other artists and the designs were fantastic !    After seeing these,  something just popped into my head.    While I'm not very creative or talented at drawing,  one thing I can do,  is create a story / character.    I had this thought of Senshi wannabees in a time after the Moon Kingdom had been long forgotten, with a new evil-(?) rising and approaching Earth's humanity to steal it's life (life being a super rarity in the universe).    These new wannabees would come to find out,  that they are not just dreaming of stories of a fictional & forgotten past.....but they are actual SENSHI not only from Earth..but from the Great Sera-Senshi Universe that still exists.    Thus they begin to uncover their pasts and challenge this approaching evil.    But this's not just the's the Galaxy!    Besides...if you're gonna have a SuperMassive Black hole Senshi (Gamma Rei) have to think  BIIIIGGG !!!   :XD:
Well this lead me to Drachea's senshi maker (which is about to have a super update).     I started imagining what the characters would look like.   I was kind of difficult.    This was beginning to feel like a real project and I really liked the characters I was imagining but you can only go so far with a DollMaker.    So.....I worked up the nerve to ask Drachea Rannak himself if he could draw  Gamma Rei for me.   Which he was happy to. That set off the spark in me and instead of learning how to draw I made this a project where I would search for artists and  through their creativity,  gradually character develop and mold the characters and story.     :)

Oh.. so what happened with the School?   In the end of 2011,   my job ended all school assistance programs...those that were going to be finished in 2012 could only follow job specific criteria.   :(
So art classes.    However....this project became a hobby by then.   Not to mention.....the Sailor Moon fan community on D.A. were just a bunch of great personalities  (some buttheads..but not many).
I ended up making some friends who I'm pretty close to now and usually talk at least once a day with since then (THE FOX FAMILY !).

I haven't given up on learning to draw.    Especially now since I have Jenna, Reena, Taylor, Zitta, and Thea.   I have for a while been doodling them and trying to learn how to draw shapes, get sizes/proportions correct,  learning Sai (photoshop makes me mad !!  :XD:  ).     SO maybe in the future this will be filled with art that I will one day do.   But for's just a show case of what others have done.   
mishihime Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, I see. Thanks for sharing. It's good that you commission artists, but I think one day you will be able to draw too if you keep trying. I sometimes look at Naoko's old comics and see her journey. She was not always so skilled like she is now. She built herself up and gave an invaluable gift to the world. I think everyone can improve in time, even if it's a small bit that's still something. If you have Drachea-san on your side he might also be able to help.

Good luck. You have nice characters. :3
AncientHero89 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch!
Maiyuna Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Thank you for the re-watch! >w<
Madwon Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
This way I can watch you twice as much. (Creeper.)
Celebel-Quettandil Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for adding me.
Madwon Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014 your work !
Galishai Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Madwon Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2014
Can't argue with the professional in being Lame..... ;D
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